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What about us, who are we...?

Following a 90 year tradition, stepping on the sand next to the footprints of my uncle,  I happily played in the sand dunes of Gythio and learned to swim, snorkel, fish and finally how to sail by the time I was 12 years old. My uncle left for far away places becoming a captain for the big oil ships of Onassis and I still remember how he would return after such long periods of time, always with a present, from places such as the South Americas, and the Asian Seas, the North Americas and where ever else the sea would call for him. Of course, all I could dream about was how beautiful the sea and all these far, far away, exotic places must be...

Well, it wasn't long, at the age of 15 I got on my first big ship, "Queen Anna Maria II" of course as a passenger, on her last passage, and docked in the harbor of New York right past the Statue of Liberty. I got my first sailing lessons and my first certificate at the age of 16 and sailed away every chance I could.  By the age of 30 I had started to crew on sailing trips to such  islands as Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, Block Island, Cape Cod, Bar Harbor and so on and on...

Of course at the same time I had found my good old boat that I had learned to sail with

my eyes closed, just my ears listening to the surf and the wind softly or sometimes  very strongly brushing my cheeks.

But, my heart and soul had stayed back for Greece and the mermaids of the Mediterranean Sea were always calling me in a sweet and very tempting voice.

I got to the stage of life that I could not get it out of my mind. day and night!

I got all the information I needed, I became all part of the group of ARC (Atlantic Rally Cruisers) and one morning after a fancy sail to Bermuda, with a bit shaky legs, from excitement and adrenaline, I started as the second smallest boat, along with 68 other sailboats, for the crossing of the Atlantic to the Azores islands, then into the Mediterranean Sea to France, Italy and FINALLY across the Ionian Sea and to the port of Pylos, just like Odysseus had done, some 3000 years ago.

Well almost like Odysseus, it's just nice to say so, and smile. 

Well, after that everything else seems like easy sailing?  I will never say that,

I will always RESPECT the force of the sea, I will always love her and of course I will never be afraid to feel the wind and conquer all that she will let me...

Come with us, myself, "ΩΡΙΩΝ" and "BE HAPPY",  see the world from the sea's side point of view.

Enjoy your vacation time in Greece and thank you for taking the time to read this short biography of the sea and all its people that live and breathe from its salt...  

So here we are in beautiful Chania of Crete the southernmost island of Greece with the desire, with the vision in mind to show people that travel a long way to visit us, the beauty and the sensation of being one with the blue waters of the Cretan Sea.

We strive to meet your expectations and give you the satisfaction of a fun adventure that will give you a memory to take back home. We will never see you as a customer, always as a friend and a mate aboard our sailboat with the desire to show you our diverse land and sea, always with a world of information about our history and culture.

Well come aboard and join us, become one with the sea.   We hope to sea you soon!

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