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                                                                                                                                                                           Carpe Diem!
                   Used to urge    someone to make the most of the present time and give little thought to the future.
Twenty   years from now you will be disappointed by the things that you     didn’t do than by the ones that you did do. 
                                                                                  Throw away the bowlines, Sail away from    the safe harbor. 

   Catch the     wind      in your sails!                                                                                                                                                                        Explore.    Dream.    Discover!!!

     We are a sailing company..   

                            We  love sailing!       '

                     full day  sail away...


We sail east out of the bay with the beautiful hillside view of  Kalami for a swim at the exotic remote cove of Aggianakis then set sails to the uninhabited  isle of  Souda  with its  Venetian fortress  and its  cannon ports  on the waterline , where  they kept the  pirate ships  out of the  bay.       

  So close you can almost touch it!

ALWAYS  depended  on  wind  direction  we  follow  the  coast with  the  magnificent  fort  of     Ancient Aptera    high up  on the hill  and the  Idjedin  prison  fortress   below it   with the spectacular White mountains  in the  background,  with   remote coves  that only a boat can get to,  beautiful beaches   away from  the tourist crowded  areas,  we reach sailing for the lighthouse of   Drepano.

 ALWAYS depended on wind direction we may sail northeast or we may sail northwest behind another small uninhabited island to   a small cove and  its beautiful lagoon  where while you swim and snorkel in turquoise crystal, clear waters, we prepare you  aboard a    freshly cooked Cretan/Spartan lunch   with Greek specialties, local pasta, local appetizers,  salad, mama's olives, goat cheese, fresh bread and local red wine/beer/soda and local, fresh yogurt with sweet  fruit. You enjoy, relax and then we lift anchor to sail back to port,usually as the sun starts to set in front of us.

We sail for at least 30 n.miles and you can do all the sailing, if you want to, with myself as the navigator and chef.

    Even if you have never sailed before you will be able to learn and do most of the sailing.


We offer you the best of services, at the most reasonable pricing with a true sailing experience, away from the usual tourist hoopla...


I hope I have given you all the details to make your decision.

Any other questions please feel free to ask.

thank you.


Questions about pricing on our half day, full day or our multi-day/night destinations,

please contact us by e-mail:


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Half Day Sail Away:


Let's have a bit of fun...

Our shortest of adventures combining a bit of sailing, 
a bit of swimming , local Cretan
appetizers, salad,  drinks, sweets and fruit.
5 hrs  experience of hands-on sailing,   
anchor for a swim, snorkel in turquise crystal clear waters, sunbathe, relax and enjoy sailing back to port.

Who are we?
We are a safety first...

fun loving, sailing company with a charted voyage to provide our guests and crew an unforgetable experience of sailing, swimming and culinary adventure, to feel and become one with the beautiful blue of the Metiterranean Sea. 

Hospitality means a cheerful way of making guests feel at home and as friends of their environment, as their time passes comfortably and with attention to details such as listening and understanding their feelings, needs and desires along their experience for the day. 

Join us, live the dream! 

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Sunset Sail:


Our sunset at sea adventure...


A 6 hr  sailing experience with special Cretan appetizers , drinks, music and swimming while under nice weather we will always catch the sunset 

as we return to home port. 
The beauty of the blue mixing
with a glistening sun,  the red and orange of the sun setting away...

A truly awesome experience on the Mediterranean sea.

rejoignez-nous pour un coucher de soleil spécial


                                                 Overnight  Dream Aboard:

Sail with the wind on your side

and the hot sun on your back.

Anchor for the night in a bay and

sleep aboard, under the moon and the stars.
This is your chance to live what everyone dreams about...
Sail out of the bay, sail away to the open, blue Mediterranean Sea, depending on weather conditions, anchor and swim in   a wild natural bay  have a snack and a drink, do some fishing, raise anchor and sail  into the sunset to your overnight bay, take a short dinghy ride out to the beach with perfect restaurants for a night meal and drinks.

Depending on weather, sail to the beautiful Venetian harbor of the exciting town of Rethymno and spend the evening strolling, shopping or simply enjoying the Old Venetian cobblestone paths in the nightlife of the town.
Return aboard, lay back, have a nightcap and let the boat dance with the waves, move with the sea, let the rhythm of the water set your soul free... Relax and let the boat  rock you to sleep.

Wake to an amazing sunrise, breakfast early, quick refreshing  jump-in swim and set sail to your next anchorage of a  Venetian isle and its fort  for appetizers, music with drinks, sunbathe, snorkling  under the sun  for  the return trip back to home port.
Start at 11:00 - Return ?  26-36hrs  

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