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Family Vacation in Greece-

Review of: Sail in Chania


Nick our sailing captain, guide and cook was simply wonderful! Nick was welcoming from the moment we met him. We boarded his sail boat in Chania, on the island of Crete where he had local fresh pastries for our family of four. We left on time and sailed by Fortezza and saw cannon ports, as well as a small beautiful white church nestled along the cliffs which was built by local fisherman to name a few highlights. The scenery, history and stories of Greece shared by Nick were amazing! My husband, Michael also helped sail as Nick gave him a lesson over the course of the day. We anchored at a cute spot for lunch where we were invited to swim in the Aegean Sea while Nick prepared a homemade lunch of wine, soda, water, meatballs, Greek salad, bread, and pasta! One of our best lunches on holiday! We also snacked on peaches as we sailed back to our start. We had a camera on board to capture great scenery and family pictures and I would recommend that you do the same. Nick had us out until late afternoon and our family thought it was well worth our time and money. Thank you again, Nick... for a marvelous day!

Date of experience  Sep. 2023

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Reviewed Oct. 12, 2023 via mobile

Nic and Be Happy were Excellent

We had a phenomenal day aboard Be Happy. Our Skipper, Nicolas, was a pleasure; knowledgeable about Chania, Crete and a wonderful cook!

The boat is super comfortable and sails very well. We are glad we included this as part of our adventures in Crete.

Date of experience: Oct. 2023

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Wonderful experience, skipper was focused on best possible experience for us!

To get an appreciation for Crete you have to take time on the water. This is a well equipped boat that comfortably fit 9 visitors and the skipper. We had a full day sail mixed in with food, swimming, excellent sailing. Learned some history, culture in an easy environment. The skipper did an excellent job accommodating our group and various interests... from hands on sailing to simply laying around and working on our tans. 

I would recommend, sun block, the cooler temperatures (vs. Florida) and boat shade made a few of us forget to cover up. I would also recommend discussing what you are looking for with Nicolas, he will work with you to meet your needs, hospitality comes naturally to him.
A truly unique experience.


Date of experience: July 2023

Perfect way to spend the day

My friends and I spent our last day in Greece sailing around with Nikos and had an absolutely amazing day. It was the perfect way to celebrate one of our friends birthdays- a day we will never forget! We had never sailed before but picked it up quickly and helped to sail all day but with plenty of time to relax too! Lunch was delicious, made from wholesome, locally sourced foods. The bay we stopped at for lunch and swimming was stunning. Nikos was so friendly and an excellent host. The whole day was perfect. I would recommend this to anyone who is holidaying in Chania!

Date of experience: Aug. 2023

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April 2020

If you want an unusual, unique & fun experience, this is the place to visit. Nikos is a fantastic host, providing day trip opportunities - sailing, hiking & driving excursions. In addition he provided us extensive information on the area. Nikos made our trip to Greece unique - the two days we spent with him were the highlight of our 10 days in Greece.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     From, airbnb reviews


Beautiful day at sea

We had a great day with Nick on his boat. The marina is close to the city and very easy to get there.The boat is an older lady but in nice condition and a very safe. Nick is very kind and excellent guide and experienced sailor. He knows every beautiful place around and will show you so much as a possible. We had a nice trip to one of the most beautiful small laguna I ever seen and while we were diving he prepared a tasty, great greek lunch from local and home made delicatesse. Nick was a great company and we didn't have a feeling of  paying costumers, more like old friends. We still keeping touch and we definitely going to see him again. Thanks for everything see you hopefully soon Mark, Gabi and Donat

From:  TRIPADVISOR reviews


September 2018

Nikos was like meeting an old friend. We had lots of fun learning the ropes and taking part in our sailing adventure! Niko was also a very good chef, food was delicious and simple. The waters where we anchored were nothing less than perfect, we snorkeled and frolicked in the water for hours. We will be back next year!

From: AIRBNB reviews

Thanks a lot to Nikos for this incredible experience! Really came true dream))) We had to move our boat trip out of the weather and Nikos went to meet us. Our journey lasted all day, it's so exciting to watch the beach from the water. And of course the feeling of the elements in the sea. Waves of all unthinkable shades, wind and sun - you can forget about everything)) We visited the quiet harbor of a small village and swam there in turquoise waters. Nikos treated us to fresh and delicious food and wine! Nikos is very pleasant, interesting and sociable person, he comments on his actions during the walk and tells how and what works. Participation in the management of the boat gives a sense of involvement in the process. It's really exciting, not the same thing when you're just being taken as a passenger! We will remember this trip as one of the brightest. Thanks Nikos, it was great!

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What an amazing time! We spent 3 days with Nikos on both land and sea adventuring up to the villages in the mountains and sailing to the farthest tip of the bay. He cooked us incredible Greek food on the boat and took us to the best restaurants. We were so lucky to have found Nikos and would have spent more time with him if we could. It's amazing to see the island through Nikos eyes. If you are looking for a genuine experience please go this route! You are the BEST Nikos, hasta la próxima vez mi amigo. ¡Abrazos!              Trip Advisor reviews

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Fantastic, Awesome Day!

This is not your typical tourist boat trip - it's a day with a friend on his sail boat. When you meet Nikos, it's like you've known him forever. He is genuinely warm and personable, an expert helmsman and knowledgeable guide. You will be able to help sail the boat even if you've never sailed before, learn Greek history and eat delicious local farm to table food. To make this trip complete you must sleep on the boat and have Nikos also take you hiking or on a car tour. This is definitely something to put on your bucket list                     Trip Advisor reviews


April 2016

First of all, Nikos is not just a great host, but a really tour guide. Second, this is on the Mediterranean. We loved it! We came as a couple and it is very accommodating for 2 people. If you like boats at all, camping, tiny houses, or are interested in seeing what it is like to stay on a small ship you should absolutely stay with Nikos! His boat is cozy, well maintained, and comes with some amazing stories I will let him tell you. The location is great. Walking distance to a bakery, grocery market, pharmacy, and 24 hour convenience store as well as a local restaurant and bar. Beyond staying on the boat, Nikos also took us on a guided hiking tour of a canyon, a swimming hole, the monasteries, and winery and also made us lunch with his mothers home made olives. Best olives I have ever eaten by the way. He also took a day and sailed us out on the boat, made an amazing meal onboard the ship, and took us to a great swimming area where the water was beautiful and you could see the bottom through the beautiful blue green tint! Fantastic and friendly tour guide and good cook. A+, 5 star travel rating, 3 star Michelin rating, 20 point Gault Millau may not be exaggerated in any way. He also mentioned Ancient Aptera, you should ask him about it all. Don't book another boat or hotel if this one is available. Contact Nikos for information and advice. He is a phenomenal host and his accommodations make for a great story of your own! THANK YOU NIKOS!                                                                                                          From airbnb reviews

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